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646f9e108c Set one year after The Mummy Returns, this series follows the adventures of Alex O'Connell and his archaeologist parents, as The Mummy tracks them down.
After accidentally raising a Mummy from the dead, eleven-year-old Alex O'Connell is every kid's hero, as he narrowly escapes one disaster after another. He and his family must race across the globe to locate the lost scrolls that will unlock the powers of a magical manacle and send the Mummy back to his tomb for good.
This is for the animated feature on VHS.<br/><br/>The MuMmy: QUEST FOR THE LOST SCROLLS!<br/><br/>As a huge MuMmy fan this was a must see and it didn&#39;t disappoint Me at all! I was satisfied with the characters which they were just like were in the epic films! They really made Evy a great animated female character and Imhotep was animated into a great villain rather well! The story, voices, animation, and music was all fine! Whenever The Mummy would use his great powers or change it was animated greatly! I strongly recommend anyone who loves The MuMmy series to watch this animated feature!
Okay, so it&#39;s certainly not perfect - most of the plot is driven by MacGuffin artefacts (the Scrolls of Thebes, the Puzzle of Horus, the Medallion of the Medjai etc) and its run-time of barely twenty minutes per episode doesn&#39;t allow for the level of depth and development that some of the characters are crying out for. However, as an action-based fantasy cartoon series, I feel that it has a whole lot going for it.<br/><br/>The characters and the voice work are very well done. Alex is a fantastic hero and protagonist, and I think the fact that the series becomes more and more the story of his journey is absolutely the right direction for it to take. Chris Marquette gives an extremely engaging, charismatic and sensitive performance, and his changing voice perfectly mirrors the emotional and physical development of Alex as a character.<br/><br/>John Schneider also does an excellent job as Rick, giving the character a pleasing Indiana Jones vibe. Grey DeLisle and Tom Kenny may not provide the best English accents ever, but their performances are always on-point. I do like what Jim Cummings does with Imhotep, although I think it&#39;s a shame that he doesn&#39;t get very much chance to engage in appropriate banter with the good guys.<br/><br/>The locations and guest characters are always well conceived and well used. My particular favourites are Yanit and Fadil, whose continuing relationship with Alex is the most interesting unexplored aspect of the series in my opinion.

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